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Welcome to The Filim Company

We are a multimedia production facility that inspires, engages and evokes learning, emotion and entertainment from audiences through film, documentary and stage.

For you that means helping capture your clients imagination through engaging multi-platform campaigns that will help them invest in your brand through increased awareness and understanding.


May 2014 - Election month in the UK! Here's a link to part of a comprehensive video we did a few years ago to help create awareness and understanding for it..

April 2014 - Our pilot Video CV project last year was a success, now we are about to embark on a larger multi-platform delivery with a large governmental organisation! Watch this space

March 2014 - New Filim website being developed! Damn you cute kittens!!

Feb 2014 - Our Bangladesh Company Filim International has now secured its 10th client within a year of its new extended editing service! Congratulations to them.

Jan 2014 - Happy New year to you all from our entire international team!

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